10 Valentine’s Day Gifts that should not be bought for a girlfriend 

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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts that should not be bought for a girlfriend It can be a bad omen before “breaking up”.  Let’s read it at https://ufabet999.com I have to say that it’s (individual beliefs).

always close For the festival of love or Valentine’s Day, one of the popular activities at school that everyone has to do is to put heart-shaped stickers on the people we love or secretly like on the collar, collar, pocket, who is hot? will be filled with heart Which the price is very cheap, can paste a lot without having to waste money in the pocket For those who have a small investment, they will invest in items such as roses, chocolates, cards, dolls for someone special.


It’s more of a trick that if we give a watch to a lover May cause love to end or stop if that clock stops.


If you have a girlfriend, hurry up and read it. Because it is said that if the unmarried girlfriend buys shoes for them, they will break up. Many pairs actually happened. I don’t know the truth or just a coincidence.


Handkerchiefs are used to wipe away tears, right? So if you don’t want to shed tears Don’t buy a veil for each other. which is considered an omen


If we give a comb to a girlfriend or any friend will make our relationship and he must be as distant as the teeth of a comb


Because according to the belief that if the glass is broken up or cracked up That means the relationship between the two is broken. or broken by that glass


It is an ornament that looks beautiful. But hidden with sharpness If giving that person, it’s like a stab at the heart. inflict pain on that person


A single photo of yourself, because it is like giving a souvenir photo to look at different times from each other. It’s good to avoid. I will say that I didn’t warn Because of this mystery, I have met many pairs already.

black clothes

Black clothing is strictly forbidden as a gift. because the ancients held Whether it’s shirts, pants, skirts, adults always teach that. If we give the black dress to anyone We must go to that person’s funeral.

sharp object

Sharp objects such as weapons, swords, toys, models that are sharp Don’t give them as gifts. Because it may cause the recipient to be harmed and have bad luck as well


Although we want our loved ones to smell the way we want. But don’t forget that there will always be a dull day. which is comparable to love that may fade as well as perfume

All 10 things are complete. I have to say that it’s (personal beliefs). Maybe buying a gift for someone we secretly like or love. We don’t need to be too serious, just what we buy for him. And he likes or feels good about what we buy, that’s enough.