Unai reiterates that ‘Villa’ does not think about winning

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Unai Emery, manager of Aston Villa, reiterates his previous words that his team is not thinking about competing for the championship. And will be able to do that only when entering the 30th match and still in the same position as

“Singha Rising”. John McGinn scored to lead the former runner-up team from the 7th minute and then kept the score until the end of the game. Collected 15 home wins in a row, creating the club’s highest record.

“Today we didn’t play as well as we wanted. But we did what was necessary to win,” Emery said in an interview after taking away the top spot from his former club.

“I’m happy, we’re tired and had a difficult game. But we started well and quickly took the lead ′′

After that, Arsenal threatened us in many areas of the field. But our goalkeeper showed excellent form. “

The fans at Villa Park sent energy to us. We tried to defend strongly. And keep the ball longer ′

′ We succeeded. We kept clean sheets against both City and Arsenal and got great wins in a difficult week. We must be happy about this game. But we have to maintain balance.”

Emery has always confirmed that his team is only looking at the top four areas. And although the latest match made Villa stick to third place, two points behind leader Liverpool, he still adheres to his original goal.

“We were not favorites from the beginning. I will talk about this if we are still in the same position. When entering the game at 30-32, the Spanish boss Answering questions about the Premier League champions once again

: “Now it’s only the 16th game, we have to maintain our top four position. And it’s difficult. As you see today There were many matches where we didn’t dominate the game. “

I’ve never won 15 matches at home before and it won’t happen again. We are doing well. But the next challenge is another tough game at Sheffield United. “

There were previously seven top teams, but we are fighting to be number 8. We are determined and excited to do that.”