Stam shakes his head, ‘Anthony’ isn’t good enough.

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Jaap Stam, former Manchester United defender, analyzes Anthony, the Beyblade winger, as not being good enough to play for the club

” Anthony”, moving from Ajax Amsterdam for a huge fee of 82. Millions of pounds in the summer of 2022. However, he is yet to show his best form.

Stam said: “From what I’ve seen from him, I don’t think Anthony is good enough. He’s not good enough for the level we are at. Looking for United”

“Because when you look at a player who has moved in that will struggle. And there can be difficult times as well. But you will still look at the players who think What level can he progress to? “

When you look at Anthony now, at this time, you don’t see him being able to take the next step in the Premier League. To a top winger ′

′ He did OK in Holland. But it’s not like he’s the best player in Holland. He did OK for Ajax ′

′ But they’re playing in a league that doesn’t have many good players and the rest of the team. There are basic players. So they were always superior. And he can always show off his own tricks. Can cross the ball Or you can always do one-two moves.”