Scholes cursed Marcus Rashford weak discipline until he dropped the reserve.

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BT Sport analyst Paul Scholes has slammed Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford for his poor performance. But was dropped against Wolves for club disciplinary action.

Away game at Molineux Stadium, Rashford was reduced to a reserve by Eric ten Hag due to internal irregularities. So let the star model Alejandro Carnacho stand on the left striker instead. 

“Violating internal discipline don’t want to go into details It is our rule.” Ten Hag said. 

“ Up to now concentrate on the game. That guy might be in very good form. But no one has played every game. ”

Of course, Scholes, as a Red Devils alumnus, regrets the 25-year-old’s lack of a striker. But respects ETH’s cleverness.

“It’s hard to know what the internal disciplinary action was maybe late. Ten Hag is very neat.” commented the former United midfielder. UFABET 

“Marcus Rashford is doing his best career. It will be interesting to see. If decisiveness without compromise will be the right decision after the game.”  

“Ten Hag, it doesn’t matter who you are, Marcus must be the first name in his nickname.”  

On the side of Rio Ferdinand, the commentator was disappointed on behalf of the football fans. I can’t see myself smart 

Ten Hag said. 

“It’s disappointing when you come to a game as a fan and want to see the best players play.” added Ferdi. You are satisfied that the team manager Strong discipline if someone does something wrong was immediately punished.”

“If a player responds to it respecting the decision. Know that crossing the line means being punished. That is a positive sign of the dressing room.” 

“The dressing room needs to be strict and disciplined.”

“ Eric is cold- blooded and sharp – you would love , respect and appreciate it in the dressing room. ”

Ten Hag once slashed Carnacho during pre – season because of his bad attitude. Until he was able to improve in time last month before returning to the team.