Manchester City is at risk of losing points to Arsenal.

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Manchester City is at risk of losing points to Arsenal, the leader of the crowd again. When only able to open the house. Always Everton in a 1-1 flip lock style.

English Premier League Football
Manchester City 1 – Everton 1

Stadium: Etihad Stadium

11 minutes into the game, Manchester City had a chance to win first when Kevin De Bruyne gave Erling Haaland a shot from the left. But the ball is not in the frame.

The picture of the game is still a sailboat that holds the ball and attacks almost on one side. But still did not find many opportunities to inform Until the 24th minute. He came out to lead 1-0, succeeding from connecting the ball. UFABET Finally, Riyad Mahrez got the ball in the right side of the penalty area. Before feasting to open the rear to the center for Erling Haaland to shoot with the right foot not catch the net.

After that, the game became tougher with Everton going head-to-head. As De Bruyne was shown a yellow card for a late attack on Amadou Onana and Nathan Petterson was sent off. Beats Jack Grealish before dribbles into the penalty area and gets another yellow.

In the 44th minute. City were far too far behind, with De Bruyne turning in a free-kick for John Stones to header the post.

At the end of the game. It came hard again until Haaland and James Tarkowski received yellow cards in a row.

The first half ended with Man City leading Everton 1-0.

In the second half, the picture of the game was still almost all of Manchester City. But in the 62nd minute, Everton hit a single thumb to equalize 1-1 when Demarai Gray pulled the rhythm, fooled Rodri and spun. with the right corner of the left penalty area. The ball curves into the far post. Beautiful.

Man City try to attack to take the lead. But it’s almost impossible to penetrate into the final area. Because Everton’s defensive line stood very tight in the 75th minute, Jack Grealish tried to raise his own shot. But stuck blocking the ball, even though Pickford was dropped in the first place but grabbed into the envelope for the second time

Manchester City should have had a goal in the 83rd minute when Rodri set up the ball for De Bruyne to shoot into the block. A melee ball in the penalty area, the Everton defensive line, uninterrupted, Mahrez stood for a shot in the 12-yard line, but Pickford made an incredible save.

After 11 more minutes of injury time, the sailboat still couldn’t overtake the goal. Man City ended the game with Everton in a 1-1 twist, risking being left behind by Arsenal, the leader of the crowd. same again