Iraola reveals the ‘Ghost’s’ weak point, uses a lot of attacking men.

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Bournemouth manager Andoni Iraola praises Manchester United as a strong team, but admits he already knew that. This opponent will use many attacking players. Until opening a space for a counterattack,

goals from Dominic Solanke, Philippe Billing and Marcos Senesi helped the “Cherries” storm to victory at Old Trafford. Ford for the first time in the club’s history. ufabet

“United are a strong opponent. Especially on the flanks,” Iraola told the Manchester Evening News

after the match . “They have two wingers who are dangerous in one-on-one duels. and the full-back who always adds to the game.”

“So when visiting this stadium You know you have to defend with concentration in your own penalty area. Including blocking and extracting ′

′ However, we also know that United has many players to add to the top. So in a game like this We will have space During halftime we talked about having to score more. If you want to be a winner”

“The important factor is the number of players. This game has many 2-2 or 3-3 duel situations. We did a good job in both defense and counter-attacking. “

In this game, the opponent tried to make our wings have to run to help the defense. But if we can intercept the ball in high territory Our attackers will have space as well. That was the moment we looked at and took advantage.

The result of the match still left Bournemouth unbeaten in 5 games in a row and won 4, soaring to 13th place in the table.

“This is the first time the club has won here. So we must be happy. Especially when the score was 3-0 and we could have scored 4 goals,” added the former Rayo boss, who took over the job last summer.

“When you look at the first half, There were many times when we had to face difficulties. Because the opponent has more control over the game. But we are in a very good period. So we believe in the players.”