Chelsea got 2 players in the World Cup deep duel with Forest.

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Chelsea head coach Graeme Potter said at his pre-Forest press conference (January 1) that Mateo Kovacic and Hakim Ziyech would be paired up. The players who reached the Football World Cup third place play-offs were on the roster despite a limited pool of defenders.

Kovacic (Croatia) and Ziyech (Morocco) play in Qatar until December 17 and return to training midweek. Ready to be named at the City Ground for sure 

But almost ten other injured groups are problems that must be solved gradually. 

“Both of them will be back on the roster, and for Edouard Mendy, we’re not sure,” Potter said. 

“We’ll see what he’s like in the next few days. That guy has bone problems. UFABET which happened in the World Cup and needs some time.”

“The break is not good for us. I can make excuses a lot. If the result of Bournemouth’s match is not as we expected. Because we only had 4 players in the first two weeks. After that, they gradually returned to each other.”

“The best way to get a break is to work with the team. It’s not like that. because you don’t have a player But you can’t make that excuse. you just have to win And we did it against Bournemouth. Which is a good thing.”

Asian Handicap Chelsea per half of the ball , total score of two and a half -5