What causes the oily face?

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Oily skin is a skin problem that many people encounter. But we must first know what the causes of oily face can be. Then let’s see how to control oil well. To prevent acne and inflamed acne from occurring.

What is oily face?

Oily face or what some people call oily skin. It is a type of skin caused by excessive production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. Resulting in shiny skin, large pores, and an increased chance of inflammation and acne easily occurring. Understanding the causes of oily skin It will help us deal with oily face problems more easily.

What is sebum?

Normally, sebum works to keep the skin naturally moisturized and creates a barrier against irritation on the skin. ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app But when sebum is produced too much It can cause various skin problems as well.

What causes an oily face?

Various factors that cause oily skin There are various reasons as follows.

daily life

Eating food that is very oily or has a high sugar content It stimulates the body to produce more insulin. which affects fat production Makes the face produce more oil until it becomes oily.


When the skin encounters hot weather or very dry weather These weather conditions affect the skin, causing it to lose moisture. Therefore causing the body to create balance for the body. By stimulating the release of sweat and oil. Makes the face have more oil than usual.


Rapid changes in hormone levels in the body Especially the hormone progesterone Higher levels stimulate more oil production. and estrogen


For families who have problems with oily skin Can be passed on from generation to generation If the family has parents who have oily skin problems. It can affect children and grandchildren as well.

wide pores

People with large pores tend to have oily skin. Because of problems with the sebaceous glands under the skin that are larger than normal

Skin care creams and cosmetics used

Using skin creams that contain oil as the main ingredient. Or using too much skin cream may cause excess oil on the face to increase. Until it is another cause of oily skin.