Tips for keeping your hair soft and smooth.

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In addition to taking care of your hair soft by cleaning and nourishing it to add moisture. These techniques may help you keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy.

  • Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to cut off split ends. and makes hair look healthy
  • Protects hair from dryness and damage before swimming. By wetting your hair or wearing a swimming cap before entering the pool. To prevent hair damage from chlorine.UFABET 
  • Use a spray to protect your hair from the sun. Or wear a hat before going out for outdoor activities.
  • Avoid coloring your hair too different from your natural hair color. This is because harsh chemicals are required for hair bleaching and coloring. You should choose no more than 3 shades of color that is close to your own natural hair color to prevent hair damage from chemicals.
  • Eat foods rich in protein, iron, omega-3, vitamin A, and vitamin C, which may help strengthen hair and reduce hair loss, such as sea fish, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and fruits.

Caring for your hair soft can seem difficult to many people. Especially people who don’t have time to nourish their hair according to complicated steps. But you can take care of your hair easily with basic techniques that can be done every day. To keep your hair healthy and build your confidence. However, if you find any abnormalities in your hair. Such as brittle hair that breaks easily or  excessive hair loss. You should see a doctor for a diagnosis. This is because it can cause other health problems.