How to treat stomach cancer

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How to treat stomach cancer

Assistant Professor Dr. Thatchatham Suksombooncharoen Cancer unit Department of Internal Medicine Chiang Mai University Explains the treatment methods for this type of cancer: “Treatment of gastric cancer requires the cooperation of a team of doctors in various fields, such as surgeons, radiologists, and cancer specialists. To plan an effective treatment plan and most suitable for each patient

The doctor will evaluate the treatment method based on many factors such as the size, location, and characteristics of the cancer cells. The stage of the disease and the distribution of cancer cells, as well as the overall health of the patient. If the patient does not have too many congenital diseases or comorbidities. If found to have stomach cancer in the early stages A complete surgical excision.

Should evaluated and, in some cases, additional treatment may be offered. Whether it is adjuvant treatment with chemotherapy drugs (Chemotherapy) alone or chemotherapy combined with radiation therapy (Radiotherapy) depending on the suitability of each patient. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

However, these additional treatments To reduce the incidence of disease recurrence. 

If it is a stage that cannot surgically remove or has spread and still have good overall health Treatment of this stage of cancer can use chemotherapy. (Chemotherapy) which may given in combination with drugs that have specific effects on cancer cells (Targeted Therapy) or drugs. That inhibit the creation of blood vessels (Anti-angiogenesis) as well as immunotherapy. (Immunotherapy), Which uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells. To inhibit the control system and order the destruction of foreign cells or stop the destruction of body cells (Immune Checkpoint) Because in some cases cancer cells rely on this system to hide from being destroy by the body’s immune system. This group of drugs has therefore develop to stimulate the immune system to detect cancer cells more effectively. and reduce side effects further as well

Nowadays, medical innovation has advanced greatly. Patients therefore have a wider range of cancer treatment options. Makes the treatment results more effective as well. This is consider to increase the chance cured from the disease. And reduce the chance of it coming back again. The most important thing is Consult your doctor immediately if you or someone close to you is at risk of developing cancer. So that doctors can diagnose the disease and find appropriate treatment options for each patient.”

How to reduce the risk of stomach cancer

Because at present we still do not know exactly. What causes stomach cancer. As a result, it is still not possible to find concrete prevention methods. Therefore, behavioral modification is important to help reduce the chance and risk of this serious disease.

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Eat vegetables and fruits regularly. To help add dietary fiber and vitamins to the body.
  3. Avoid eating pickled, smoked, and grilled foods. and salty food Because such food will stimulate chronic inflammation. and can cause cancer
  4. avoid smoking
  5. For males aged 55 years and over, they should undergo screening by endoscopy. Because stomach cancer can cured. If detect at an early stage.